natural beginning

It was the 08 of january 2012 when I finally decided to go natural once again. Iv be natural on and off throughout my life but this time it was different for the first time in years I was determine to work with my texture , that meant no more complaining about how difficult my hair is but rather embrace my god given texture certainly god didn’t make no mistake when he created my hair I refused to believe that fros ain’t beautiful let alone professional .I asked myself why am I relaxing my hair ,who made the rule that for black women to be beautiful her hair had to be straighten from that day onwards I told myself I will have beautiful natural hair as it grows from my scalp as I slowly cutted of my long relaxed hair. I simply said I will be beautiful with my natural,kinky coils from that day forward iv been the most relaxed in my life no touch up required every 6weeks instead I’m beautiful 365 days a year . For the first time in my life I began very confident I didn’t care what people think of me let alone what they had to say my twa awaken a part of my being that iv long forget and till this day I remain naturally beautiful. .


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